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I want to sit behind you and run my fingers over the nape of your neck to make you shiver… want to feel the warmth of your skin under my hands as I press and rub the muscles beneath, while you sit and sigh in contentment as your cares are forgotten in the glorious delight of touch. I want to kiss that little spot behind your ear that I know makes you quiver in delicious anticipation and I want to hear your breathing speed up, your pulse quicken and taste the gentle salt of you under my lips.  I want to be cuddled up with you in a place the world does not enter, where conscious thoughts of the hardships of life are banished, want to take you to the simple pleasures of sense and touch, softness and surrender.  I want to sink into soft cushions with you, to explore your mouth with mine, unhurriedly, gloriously until other feelings that are stronger than simple comfort make themselves felt and then  I want to breathe you in with every single one of my senses.  I want all these things and so many more that mere words cannot describe, but you are not here, so I must wait. I must wait, but the waiting is so hard, and all I have to keep me sane is these thoughts of the times yet to come.


This is super corny and whatever but I feel like since this is my personal blog I may as well put it here where no one really pays attention to personal emotional junk so here goes;

This summer was nothing like I planned, it started on a rough note; I left my job, got out of a serious…

It’s all part of maturing and seeking new things and challenges. Sounds like you excelled on all fronts.  May your Summers be new and fascinating, no matter how many of them you enjoy. :)  xxxx


Anonymous asked:

Im so happy to hear that you're dying (dying right? Not just sick hopefully) Then the world will have one less chauvinistic liar. Youre little FUCKING story about being "raped" by a woman is such fucking bullshit. Die quickly you fuck.


We’re all dying aren’t we? I guess I just have the benefit of seeing it coming. But I really do apologize for stepping on your hate parade, but just because a doctor or two says there’s no hope. Doesn’t mean that im gonna just lay down and die.

Friend, im unsure exactly what happened to you. But this hate that you harbor will consume you. And while im more than happy to be an outlet for your rage. Im concerned for your spiritual and mental health. Sometimes we all need to clear out our resentment and start fresh.

If you feel like you want to talk, or even if you just need someone to be mad at. Please come back, I’d be happy to oblige.

Much love ♡

Anon, you really are one of the saddest people I’ve had the misfortune to meet if you come to someone’s page and abuse them in this way.  It must be difficult having no empathy, no adult thought processes and most of all, being that insecure and hate-filled that wishing ill on someone who has probably done a thousand times more for others than yourself seems a valid reason to spew hate.  Please just for five minutes, read what you said to Zach, and really THINK about what you so blithely typed to an amazing man you most likely know nothing about.  The good news is, Zach’s friends DO know a fair bit about him, his trials and his background, and we will be the ones by his side through this, whatever the outcome is.  Hopefully, Zach will have his days and nights filled with the love and care of people who see this diamond in the rough for who he is, and believe me, the light that shines in that circle will put the darkness in your heart so far behind, it might as well be decades away…

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