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I really am someone who doesn’t believe in self censorship of things you did in your earlier career. Like your 1st movies are very vulgar or deal with topics that don’t fit for modern sensibilities, and at a certain point you feel you got to edit those things out…just redo it completely. Don’t…

And this was yesterday’s ‘cool thing to happen while driving to work’

I was working at the farm site yesterday and was driving alone Brisbane Valley Highway and noticed something on the road. Looked like a truck had gone by and spilled some sand, but as I got further along the road, I noticed more of it. And more of it. Then it hit me. It wasn’t quite snow, but close enough.

Banks of hailstones everywhere on the side of the highway, piled up almost 50cm thick in places. Unreal. And it wasn’t just me pulling over for a look - truckies and regular commuters were doing the same. Driving home this afternoon, some patches are still there. Was a pretty good storm last night about 8pm, so that hail had real staying power, testament to how much of it fell and how thickly. All of it was within a narrow band of less than 1km of roadway as well.

Must be the week for cool things happening on the way to work… I drive with my window down pretty much all the time (unless it’s raining) and I’m usually singing along to whatever I’m playing on the stereo. I have this system where I can store mp3’s on a USB stick and this particular stick has everything from surf music to country to rockabilly; nearly 3000 songs in all. Anyway, I was stuck in traffic on Moggil Road and was singing at the top of my lungs because it was the end of The Saucermen's 'Devil's Elbow' playing, and as the music faded out, some tradie in a ute next to me started clapping. I turned around and couldn't help laughing because I couldn't hold a tune if I used both hands, but he seemed to find it amusing, and really, so did I, and it made me smile.

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