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Sis, I’ve been meaning to draw Motorcity Nigel for you like this for ages and finally got around to it!  :)  He’s a tough little nugget, that’s for sure!   <3

AHHHH!!! AWESOME! He certainly does look very tough like a miniature firecracker! Shazz I swear if I ever get to be as good as you when it comes to drawing animals my life will be complete XD

Thank you I love it and you <3

Aww….  *blush*   You’re so very welcome, Ran!  :) 

Tomorrow, I join the 21st century… no more fumbling around to swap CDs in the car… getting a system installed that’ll run off a USB, so I am merrily uploading a metric sh*t load of rockabilly tunes to a 16Gb USB…. which means I can jam 3200 tracks on there. Am I pleased? You bet your sweet life I am!


I really need to spend more time on artworks and plan them beforehand rather than just rushing through them and being random in what I paint/draw and how i paint/draw it.

Yes and no. :)  Depends on if you are sketching and drawing to loosen up and have fun.  You can always so a second version if you like it, and then pay more attention to detail then.  Sometimes concentrating too hard on a piece kills your desire to draw, but as long as you’re having a good time and enjoying it, that’s all that matters  :)

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